Thursday, 22 August 2013

Syria - The Need to boycott those who bankroll genocide

The Chemical attack on Syrian civilians - 1300 women and children is a tipping point which calls out for Global action. Military force is a last resort which will only see more violence and death of innocents. A moral campaign across the world in all public opinion areas, religious,political, economic and consumer to boycott an organisation or country which bankrolls, endorses or supports genocide in Syria.
What is important is that all the major powers find a way of ending violence and supporting human rights. A coalition of hope should seek a de-escalation of arms supply on all sides and UN and Arab League action to endorse this. Syria needs stability, moderation, peace and human rights.
A time for moral outrage, determination for those guilty of war crimes to be brought to trial and for consumers to stop buying products from those who bankroll genocide. If the Syrian regime is guilty of this crime against the world, then the countries like Russia which bankroll and arm that regime should feel the ire of global consumer opinion. Russian gas companies should see a consumer boycott.Let Global consumers and Global suppliers put and end to this horror.

Russia Arms Syria

Unacceptable Horror

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