Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Lib Dem Frog in the Boiling Coalition Water

Everyone knows the story of the Frog and the Boiling Water (this is a cruel thing to do and definately not right) which is a modern parable to warn us of the dangers of inaction in the face of stealthy change. The Frog is boiled because the water gradually gets warm, then hot and by the time it realises the danger it is too late. Right now - we - The Liberal Democrats are that Frog, and the water feels pretty warm now.  We have given this coaliton 2 years and it is clear that things are not going to get better, in fact they are getting much worse and rapidly.

  • The Conservative Plan for the economy and paying down the deficit which is the main plank of coalition policy has led to a cycle of austerity which has lowered tax take and actually increased borrowing.
  • The Conservatives have not kept to their coalition pledges and have now scuppered voting reform and now reform of the House of Lords, something Liberals and Lib Dems have been working for 100 years.
  • Conservatives are now embarking on a stealth agenda which will kill the NHS, restore Grammar School selective education, leave Europe as we know it, end Universal Welfare Benefits -all a Thatcherite wet dream and something even Margaret Thatcher wouldn't dared to do.
  • The Boundary Commission will ensure the loss of 17 Lib Dem seats at 2015, the success of the 2014 SNP Scottish Independence Referendum (do to the stripping away of 30 Scottish Seats) and a Tory dominated England, Wales & Northern Ireland when Scottish Labour MPs are taken out of the equation - ie the End of the UK as we know it
This is all our doing, and for sure the Lib Dems will be blamed by all sides.  If this comes to pass, the Party will be wiped out at the Polls, but before that it will have split into 3 groups (one Pro-Tory, One Pro-Labour and one tiny survivor group)

Just like Neville Chamberlain's appeasement of Nazi Germany in 1938 at Munich which brought neither Peace nor Honour, the Lib Dem continuence of David Cameron's Neo-Thatcherite Conservatives until 2015 will bring neither political safety or honour to the Party.

Now they have visibly broken the Coalition Agreement, we are not bound to allow this car-crash of a government to survive a day longer and


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