Thursday, 6 December 2012

We're not in it together, try I'm alright jack

George Osborne's lying slogan "We're in this together" can be more truthfully translated as "I'm alright Jack". The Autumn Statement is an admission of failure, which has made necessary a raid on 4G funds to disguise a rise in the deficit and eyewatering levels of UK debt. Britain will shortly lose the cherished AAA rating. It is clear that Austerity Britain is a smoke screen for a stealth Conservative agenda to:
  • Shrink the state
  • Weaken trade unions
  • Roll back Health and Safety
  • Roll back Employment rights
  • Roll back Human Rights
  • Restore Private and Grammar School education
  • Destroy the NHS
  • Gerrymander UK Democracy through boundary change and Scottish Independence to ensure tory dominance
  • Smash the Liberal Democrats and steal their support
  • Take Britain out of Europe
Nevertheless - industry will have been helped and consumers cheered by a freeze in fuel duty, cuts in income tax rates for low pay (through rise in allowances) and cuts in corporation tax. 4/10 for trying.

Key steps for growth
  1. Return Banks to Normalcy and free them to lend and not pad balance sheets
  2. Supertax on £2million Mansions
  3. Ban the Use of the word "Austerity" - it stops spending and blocks investment
  4. Ensure £20 billion of sacred cow Conservative Spending by bringing troops home, re-thinking trident, cutting civil service jobs in London and the South East and selling off expensive London White elephants like the Houses of Parliament (cost £1.6billion), rethink HS2, Make Gatwick the UK global hub.

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