Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Rogue Corporation versus the People

Just as in the final days of the fall of the Roman Empire, Western Liberal Democracies are drowning in a sea of debt and starting to print money and so debase the currency. Yet the root underlining core of the problem still goes deliberately un-noticed by policy makers. The reason - fear. Few people realise that whilst governments and countries are struggling and failing to service huge trillion dollar deficits, the worlds leading corporations are sitting on equally huge trillion dollar cashpiles built up over the last 20 years, the same time period that governments such as the US, Japan, and the EU countries have slowly run up debts. The why is simple. These huge corporations with their armies of accountants and tax consultants have evaded and avoided paying the taxes they owe to service the needs of the communities in which they exist. While small businesses, consumers, car drivers, and tax payers have been squeezed by rising tax levels and stealth taxes, the large corporations are glutted on tax evasion profits. Even worse than this the money has been put into huge offshore hedge funds operating out of tax havens which have speculated against the currencies and countries made vulnerable by this development. We may bemoan the small time tax dodger of Greece or Italy but ignore the tax evading corporation which owes billions.
The Billionaire Rogue media magnates and "do no evil web corporations" operate a privacy intrusion on a mass scale designed to ensnare, manipulate and control the people - whether by phone hacking or consumer profiles derived from internet activity.
Political Parties like the UK Conservative Party is funded in the majority by such people, who lobby assidiously to prevent the taxation of wealth, and corporate incomes.
So it is that banks are bailed out, small businesses and consumers are choked of funds and the world is heading for a crash. The answer is simple - pay your dues, pay your taxes and take pride in it. Policy Makers need to create a culture which celebrates tax payers and punishes the big time tax avoiders.
The economy needs growth, and this can only come from the bank balance sheets and the large corporation cash piles gained by greed and corruption.

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