Thursday, 24 November 2011

Wear the Hat Dave !

Here is David Cameron - visiting a world beating British Hard Hat Manufacturer and refusing to wear a hard hat. - Why - because he hates the world leading British Health and Safety Industry.

Well Dave - In life you are either a builder or a wrecker.

So Far Citizen Dave - has presided over rising unemployment, collapsing growth, record low levels of house construction. Clearly not a builder!

Why not try building a better future for British workers.

A Plan for the next few months to kick-start Growth

1. Get people spending their money again - increase job security for British workers by increasing 1 year employment rights to all workers after 6 months work increase of reducing rights to 2 years as planned.
2. Get Billionaire Tax cheats who fund the Tories to pay their taxes or remove their passports
3. Move Government out of London - The capital is one of the expensive place in the world, we need less government jobs in London and more in Newcastle, Leeds, Birmingham.
4. Nationalise and sell un-used land and buildings which the Crown owns to reduce the deficit. This would include the Duchy of Cornwall, Crown Estate, Lands belonging to the Royal Family and the Church of England estate.
5. Quantitative Easing by paying the UK Credit Card Bill - this would restore domestic demand.

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