Saturday, 3 December 2011

Beware the Nihalists?

We live in interesting times. We are surrounded by economic and social crises which have been the product of changing behaviours between generations. The doomsayers are demanding that the ordinary people sacrifice their wealth, incomes and rights to save the people. The War on terror wipped up ten years of the politics of fear, now the war on the deficit brings another round of the politics of fear. Think back, not only did the West or the Free World beat the greatested military and indeological threat in history in the form of evil empire of the USSR and Warsaw Pact, the same alliance of Britain, France America and allied nations defeat the alliance of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan.
All of the various imbalances in the world economic and financial mechanisms are easily fixable given the aspiration, morality and determination of a generation of leaders like Winston Churchill, Ernest Bevin and Anthony Eden.

We need a better do list and a unity amongst all to see the list done. Some suggestions:

1. Make sure everyone can contribute to society 2. Make the institutions like Banks and Governments serve the interests of the society. 3. Make the mechanisms like money, statistics and work serve the interests of the people rather the other way round. 4 Confront all those who undermine society through the hoarding of resources such as money& wealth.

Think back - what would Churchill have done when faced with the recent crises - would he have stood back and bemoaned his limited powers of action or would he have got on a plane and flown to Athens back in 2010 and stemmed the contagion by underwriting Greek Debt before the contagion spread to Europe. Churchill called the Second World War - the Unnecessary War , it was preventable. The events happening in our current lifetimes could easily take us back down the dark decade of the 1930's with depression, protection, autarchy and war.

Politicians need to stick to their values , face up to the problems and protect democracy, free trade and human rights against a growing and sinister grouping seeking to hijack those freedoms.

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