Saturday, 3 December 2011

Jeremy Clarkson - Professional Buffoon and Tory Insider

Where Boris fears to tread, step forward Professional Buffoon and Tory Insider - Top Gear Presenter Jeremy Clarkson. A man unfraid of losing his £1 million BBC Salary through often illadvised remarks. Fellow presenters James May and Richard Hammond make better foils for his right wing brand of comedy than poorly paid teachers, nurses and cleaners who have been bullied into strike action by a Tory led coalition government that is seeking to rob them of their pension rights to fill a deficit created by bailing out bankers. The Bankers are probably friends of Clarkson and avid watchers of Top Gear who ruined their companies trying to earn that new Ferrari.
Clarkson is a neighbour and close friend to Tory Prime Minister Dave Cameron. He says what Cameron thinks. Perhaps Cameron secretly wishes that he could see the ring-leaders dealt with, perhaps in a smilar way he dealt with Gaddaffi. Clarkson says with his tongue firmly in his cheek that he would like to see the strikers, shot in the street in front of their families. Trade Unionists who are painfully aware of current and past government sanctioned intimidation, brutality and murder of trade unionists around the world are not laughing. I hear Clarkson has fled to China. He will be at home - China knows to deal with protest. Remember Tiananmen square. Lets hope he stays there

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