Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Bonfire of Vanities

The Conservative Party's attack on the so called Nanny State continues with the Cabinet Office's Red Tape Challenge. Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg as Deputy PM ought to know better than get involved with this waste of time which is costing who knows what.

They are claiming to be scrapping 84% of the health and safety laws, but so far have only abolished redundant and superceeded legislation, and other changes to RIDDOR regulations have not impacted the need for companies to keep the necessary records on accidents in the workplace, now they just keep the HSE in the dark about them.

So far all this change has been a waste of time and money which is actually costing small businesses more to cuts at the HSE ending free phone information and making safety inspections chargeable if faults are found under the cost recovery scheme.

The bonfire of regulations is a bonfire of vanities which is confusing business, costing money, unsettling unions and workers and mere a smokescreen for the lack of economic growth.

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