Monday, 21 May 2012

Bonkers Beecroft say Lib Dems

The battle within the Liberal Democrat-Conservative Coalition continues with a new fault line emerging over the Ultra Thatcherite Adrian Beecroft's attempts to scrap Employment Rights for workers. Thankfully wise Liberal Democrat heads like Vince Cable and Lord Oakeshot shoot down the continuing Conservative right wing agenda to use the cover of the Recession to scrap anything they are ideologically opposed to.
Last year David Cameron was insanely calling for people to pay off their credit cards and forget about spending money until he was corrected by economists about the disasterous effect on domestic retail spending on the highstreet, now Beecroft wants to terrify workers further about job security by allowing shyster employers to fire at will.

Since 2008 - there have been people with savings who have had no return from their investments due to low interest rates who have had to economise, people in work with mortgages (not having pay cuts) are much better off from low interest rates but are too terrified of losing their jobs to spend money, and people who have cut back because of pay cuts, welfare cuts and having lost their jobs. All 3 groups have cut spending and this is why we are still in recession. The Banks are not lending money to small businesses and the combination of these factors are the real reason for continuing recession.

Beecroft's plan to turn back the clock to the 1930's might sit well with the Tory right and some shyster SME employers who hate employment rights (and who wouldn't give maternity rights, holiday pay etc if they could get away with it) but the real effort needs to be with the Tory donors hedge funds etc to get them to pay more tax, so we can have tax cuts, deficit reduction along with confidence building measures in industry to make workers feel safer and start spending again. The coalition needs to make savers, workers, homeowners and those on low incomes feel more secure to lift the economy out the rut.  The only Thatcherite piece of legislation worth restoring is the full reinstatement of the 1980's Enterprise Allowance Scheme (instead of the current Ersatz copy) which would allow newly redundant workers to set up after 1 month JSA (dole) instead of making them wait 6 months.

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