Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Always the Kingmakers, never the Kings

Liberal Democrats and before them Liberals have since they left Government in 1922 always been the Kingmakers of British Politics and never the Kings. The successful ruling party whether Conservative or Labour always relied on Liberal votes to keep the other party in opposition.
Not to be admired

Whether we like or not Maggie Thatcher couldn't have entered No.10 in 1979 without a split in the Progessive Vote between Liberal and Labour and she certainly couldn't have survived in power in 1983 and 1987 without the existence of the SDP. Of course by Labour is certainly as much to blame by antagonising moderate opinion from 1979-1997 by adopting left wing policies.

Did the SDP help keep the 1980's Tory?

For the many of us who lived through the 1980's it is a sobering thought. Now today we are in formal alliance with the old enemy and the public can see the reality.

No-one's laughing

With the demise of PR as a proposition should we progressive minded left of centre politicos give up on the long held illusion of a radical left of centre liberal party which could make a difference and recognise that only an alliance with socialists and trade unionists will bring a truly progressive outcome.

Why are we in alliance with the tories - an unthinkable proposition in the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's?

For many of us - the prospect of AV was a tantalising opportunity for real representative democracy. We had a duty to keep the country running at a time of national crisis.

Yet incredibly we Liberal Democrats hold the country by the preverbial by our control of the balance of the 2010 Hung Parliament - we are the masters, we are the Kings if we are prepared to rule.
Bring back Charlie

Dare Cameron oppose an assertive Liberal Democrat ultimatum founded on sound ideals and popular support?
Remember this?

The Key election issue of 2015 will be the economy - we must forge links with business groups and trade unions  to force through a Liberal Democratic Growth agenda which stands tall against the Radical Tory agenda to turn us into Little America.

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