Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Desperate Loony Tories in an economic free for all

The Conservatives are now splitting every which way in a desperate bid to find supply side reforms to unlock economic growth.

  • The Telegraph reports that Tory Transport Secretary Justine Greening is about to resign if the Tory aviation lobby wins it's attempt to get a third runway at Heathrow.
  • The Indepedent (i) reports the CPRE study showing the 81,000 housing threat to Britain's Green Belt under the Tory deregulation of planning laws
  • The Tories would like to scrap the Employment and Health and Safety Laws 
  • Only Vince Cable seems to be holding back the Tory behemoth - vetoing attacks on employment law and permanent extension to Sunday Trading
Liberal Democrats need to make common cause to block lunatic Tory destruction of the quality of life - protections, green belt, etc and to steer the Conservatives into steps to get real growth going - by creating a million entrepreneurs, freeing up brownfield government land for development and ensuring that the construction industry gets properly funding and needed infrastructure projects like the severn barrage, wind farms, making britain's roads pothole free, earth shelter housing.

 Liberal Democrats are now beginning to wonder whether the Conservative Party can remain united in the run up to 2015 as thatcherite "Torch" right wing tories demand US style vandalism to Britain and centrist Conservatives try to hold the line on Sunday Trading, Green Belt and Environmentalism.
The New Right is even prepared to see the breakup of the Union and Britain out of Europe if this guarantees dominance in England for their lunatic politics.

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