Thursday, 16 December 2010

Foreign Policy - Time to stop appeasing China and Russia

The recent publication of the wikileaks has highlighted the continuing old habits of the once communist world. Google was allegedly cyberattacked on the orders of a chinese leader because of a bad review, and Russia was described as a near mafia run state. Now for the first time since Nazi Germany a Nobel Peace Prize Winner is prevented from claiming their peace prize. Russia is named in the assasination of a dissent on the streets of London using a radioactive assasination weapon which saw radiation contaminating the UK Capital City. China's embracing of western values following the opening to west in 1976 left the Communist Party intact and the supression of human rights ongoing. China is now a major economic, political and miltary power. US & European Policy makers are today slipping into the same convienient double think which plagued the British in the 1930's in their disasterous appeasement of Nazi Germany. Surely Hitler could see the benefits of peace and prosperity as against war. Surely China will change? We offered up Hong Kong in 1997. Sat on our hands about Tibet since 1950. We have kept quiet about China's sponsorship of the genocidal regimes in Pol Pot's Cambodia and North Korea.
For a moment in 2000 it looked like the Bush Administration would stand up to China over the Hainan Incident and then happened 9/11.
For the last 10 years we have all focussed on the proxy issues whilst Russia and China have got away with murder (litterally!)
Winston Churchill described an appeaser as someone who feeds a crocodile in the hope they will be last meal.
The West ought to start asking who in the world shares our values, just as the ancient romans - where is the enemy?
Could we win a war against China and Russia if they combined to challenge the West. It is clear that ten years on - the challenge is coming , time to end the appeasement and face it down, while we still can.

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