Thursday, 16 December 2010

Time to end the Liberal Dole Office

With unemployment edging forwards, it is time to call a halt to waste of money which resides in the dole office. The Job Centre structure is essentially unchanged from the Labour Exchanges set up by the Asquith Liberal Government of 1904-15. These are sole destroying places, which sap the human spirit to the very marrow. Those who work there, are kept locked away from the general public, protected by an army of security guards. Those employers like myself, foolish enough to walk through the doors of this employment limbo thinking of recruiting are quickly ignored. The army of unemployed and some unemployable are left to rot.
Then where should the unemployed go to find work. The answer is simple - the workplace. All of the Job Centres should be closed immediately. Each UK Company should be allocated 1 unemployed person on secondment per 10 employees on the payroll. Then the unemployed are paid their benefits via the company payroll and get this provided they turn out for work at 9am as required in any normal job. No more humilation of the dole, no more day time TV and lie ins.
No longer the stigma of being unemployed, and useful on the job workplace training. This army of undervalued people can held businesses to create wealth and in time permanent employment for all. The saving of the wasted effort of the Job Centres can be used to help those who really need it.

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