Thursday, 16 December 2010

Save money - Move the Capital from London

London is one of the most expensive cities in the developed world. The British crown owns hundreds of billions of the most valued real estate in the developed world and chooses to use this sometimes valuable, expensive and unsuitable property to carry out government. The hundreds of thousands of government paid employees are almost twice as expensive as their counterparts in other parts of the UK. Whilst parts of the UK such as the North East, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Yorkshire are heavily dependent on government employment, the cost of those employees are a fraction of the expensive equivilents in London. Rather than sacking government workers outrside London, we should sell the Trillion Dollar property portfolio, relocate the jobs to areas of deprivation and lost cost. There are many brilliant counter locations for the UK Capital City in the 21st Century - Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Leicester to name a few.
Time to turn Westminster into a tourist theme park and move the expense of government elsewhere. We could save the taxpayer a fortune and perhaps have some of things we want like full employment, free education and proper pensions.

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