Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lib Dem 2015 Roll Call of Doom

As has been said before, 2 years in and the writing is on the wall.

2015 will see a Britain in the depth of a Coalition enhanced Economic Depression with the Lib Dems blamed by everyone. Public Opinion is now fixed and the following decent Liberal Democrats will be leaving Parliament in the 2015 election (according to Electoral Calculus This will see the Lib Dems reduced from 57 MPs to 17. The biggest Liberal reverse since 1924.

  1. Simon Hughes
  2. Alan Beith
  3. John Hemming
  4. David Ward
  5. Sarah Teather
  6. Stephen Williams
  7. Gordon Birtwhistle
  8. Julian Huppert
  9. Tom Brake
  10. Mark Hunter
  11. Martin Horwood
  12. Duncan Hames
  13. Dan Rogerson
  14. Annette Brooke
  15. Stephen Lloyd
  16. Chris Hunhe
  17. Lynne Featherstone
  18. Greg Mullholland
  19. John Leech
  20. Simon Wright
  21. Ian Swales
  22. Lorely Burt
  23. David Heath
  24. Stephen Gilbert
  25. Andrew George
  26. Paul Burstow
  27. Jeremy Brown
  28. Adrian Sanders
  29. Tessa Munt
  30. Roger Williams
  31. Jenny Wilmott
  32. Robert Smith
  33. Alan Reid
  34. Michael Moore
  35. John Thurso
  36. Jo Swinson
  37. Michael Crockart
  38. Malcolm Bruce
  39. Danny Alexander 
Although Nick Clegg is not on this list, he surely will be facing his own "Portillo Moment" on election night 2015, which people will tune in for as they did in 1997 for Michael Portillo.

Unless these Liberal Democrat MP's vote this Tory Government (Lib Dem policies only count for 40% of the Coalition Programme, not the 75% claimed) down - the General Public will never forgive the party and we will see the Party split into a tiny rump of "Wee Free MP's" , and two groups of Pro-Tory and Pro-Labour MPs in the aftermath of the political bloodbath.

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