Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Uses of Monarchy

In Ancient Rome it was bread and circuses, Karl Marx thought that Religion served the purpose of distraction, in 21st Century Britain the Monarchy still has it's uses. For David Cameron's Conservatives the distraction season has arrived just in the nick of time. The Royal Diamond Jubilee is hoped to create a feel good factor which failed to appear with economic recovery. Troubled Tory Politicians like Jeremy Hunt, Baroness Warsi et al have special reasons to be celebrating 3 months of political amnesia. Cameron can now hope that a cabinet reshuffle might be delayed until the Autumn. However the political car crash of a coalition split is quietly rumbling in the distance. Growth is the key issue. If the feelgood factor can raise the British spirits and stimulate growth and a european crisis can be managed into the distance then just possibly the probable coalition crash might be averted. Much more likely is a crisis of conscience on the part of coalition Liberal Democrats about the fairness and growth agenda already on the cards since Vince Cable's secret talks with Labour
A summer Euro Crisis could provide cover for further justification for continuing the coalition, however Tory eurosceptics will cheer and foam at the mouth during such an event and true Lib Dems will mutter and ring their hands at the inaction. Without a real Growth and Fairness agenda it is very unlikely that Lib Dems like Tim Farron, Vince Cable, Matthew Oakeshot and Simon Hughes could continue to support the coalition in it's present form.
The question of disengagement is a tricky one, a big split would end the coalition and split the Lib Dems. Better perhaps that an honourable figure like Vince Cable leave for the backbenches to act like a voice in the wilderness to guide the coalition into the light

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