Sunday, 9 September 2012

Agenda 2013

Liberal Democrats have to show courage, unity and determination in the remaining years of this Coalition. The prime task is to stimulate economic growth by a mixture of Liberal Democrat and Conservative Policies. The Challenge is to block lunatic dogmatically driven Conservative supply side measures like the Beecroft Report. Constructive Politics between Ed Balls, Ken Clarke and Vince Cable on issue driven economics can perhaps limit the damage that doctrinaire politics from Michael Fallon and George Osborne, who are going to be rightly identified as Neo-Thatcherite Conservatives.

Key Areas for Agenda 2013

Deficit Reduction

  • Cut in Government Spending and Jobs offset by lowering taxation which stangles growth - eg National Insurance, Petroleum Tax, Small Business Corporation Tax, Working Tax Credit penalties for Self-Employment
  • Re-balancing the Economy means moving government expenditure out of the expensive South East of England and into the Regions who can provide services at a fraction of the cost. Government buildings can be sold for residential and commercial property development.
  • Sell off MOD land and keep Britain's Defence Capabilities - eg Aircraft Carriers, Independent Nuclear Deterrent
Economic Policy

  • Return control of the economy to the Treasury and give the Treasury total control of the FSA and Bank of England. 
  • Ensure that 100% of the NEETs are in a real scheme of training or employment, restructuring tuition fees so that current taxpayers earning over £100,000 who hold degrees which were funded by LEA Grants pay money to assist UK undergraduate students.
  • Uphold Health and Safety, Human Rights and Employment Rights Laws
  • Heathrow Airport - Build "Boris Island" on the Thames Estuary instead of expanding Heathrow.
  • High Speed Rail - recognise that Britain is not France or Japan and that a High Speed Rail system is too expensive and damaging for Britain. Spend money on improving Rail and Road bottlenecks in the current 5 years rather than White Elephant projects in 2020.
  • Severn Barrage - and Channel Road Tunnel - major imaginative infrastructure projects to lift construction sector and envision public.

Foreign Policy

  • Iran - A positive agenda is required whereby Iran and China and Pakistan are encouraged to take a constructive role in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan to send troops as peacekeepers/observers to promote peace and development. Ensure constructive dialogue between Iran and Israel which opposes the use of force and terrorism on either side.
  • Afghanistan - Troops out by 2015 to be replaced by a combined Iranian/Chinese Peacekeeping force with Afghanistan split into Zones of Influence.
  • Keeping Britain at the heart of Europe, uphold European Human Rights laws.

Defence and Defence of Democracy

  • Reversal of defence cuts and restoration of British Armed forces. 
  • Use Boundary Change to end "Safe Seats" in parliament which are as anti-democratic as 19th century rotten boroughs. Engineer constituencies to maximise representative proportionality and marginality.

National Pride

  • Symbolic National Projects to capitalise on National Spirit - eg New Royal Yacht Brittania , British Space Programme based in South Atlantic - eg Falklands, Ascension, St Helena, Get Concorde Flying as official Royal and Prime Ministerial Plane to promote Britain, Get Ark Royal reinstated as National Aircraft Carrier flying Harrier Jumpjets.

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