Monday, 3 September 2012

Cameron's Reshuffle Risk - removing the coalition lynchpin

Reshuffle fever is well under way, David Cameron has made his plans and having been labelled a mouse by his rebellious Tory mutineers is preparing to wield the axe. Never has a Prime Minister engaged in a re-shuffle with more trepidation. He claims to be ready to inject fire into the belly of the coalition. Yet his policy changes look more like a bonfire of long fought for rights and freedoms which will cause a storm of indignation in Tory and Liberal Middle England, as well as howls of protest from Trade Unions, Labour and the Professions.
Let us help Cameron for once.

  1. First -  leave the position of Liberal Democrat Cabinet and Government Ministers to Nick Clegg and say so. 
  2. Refuse all attempts by Conservative backbenchers to remove Vince Cable from Business as such an event would unlock the lynchpin holding the Liberal Democrats in the Coalition. 
  3. Listen to Liberal Democrats constructive voices and give Cable (who is able) a greater role in promoting economic growth. 
  4. Avoid clarion calls to dismantle human rights, health and safety and employment law protections to British workers who if faced with such an erosion of their rights will feel even unsafer in their jobs and less inclined to spend what money they have. 
  5. Get rid of the ministers perceived by the public to be toxic and sleazy in the government like Hunt and Warsi. - Show some metal and sack them.
  6. Build a constructive dialogue with Lib Dems about Green Growth - and helping small businesses and business start ups.
  7. Lib Dems are against Whitehall bureaucracy and red tape but believe in essential protections to safeguard individual rights against bullying councils, governments and employers.
  8. Resist the destruction of the Green Belt - such an event would unite greens, Tory shire nimbys and Liberal Democrats and lead to an embarrassing climbdown.
  9. The Central failure to deliver growth rests with your friend George Osborne - you must either sack him, or get him help (ie Cable) or move him to the Foreign Office or another high rank role.
  10. Give Nick Clegg a proper Job instead of the Heseltine/Prescott noddy role of DPM
  11. Bring more Women forward, more people from Comprehensive or Grammar School backgrounds and less public school millionaires.
  12. Harness Boris Johnson into a Government Role by making him a Peer and say Foreign Secretary.
  13. Enter into a constructive dialog with Trade Unions 
  14. Get the Super Rich to lend HMG money at 0% rather than tax their wealth.
  15. Get money into the pockets of the middle class by cutting petrol tax and increase road tax on 4x4 to fund it.
Nick Clegg will need to detoxify himself and the Liberal Democrats by undoing the damage over tuition fees by wiping student debts. Lib Dems will need to be seen by the electorate as have prevented Tory stealth nastiness and have made a positive contribution to economic growth.

Of Course - we know you will do none of this, you will stick by your friends and stick it to the Lib Dems who will be forced to bring down the government by 2013. Labour will win the election, the Lib Dems wiped out at the polls and the leadership lost to Boris Johnson. Carry on Cameron.

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