Thursday, 13 September 2012

Lib Dems 1, Conservatives 0

With the surprise appointment of Jo Swinson to a second Ministerial Role as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Equalities to add to her reshuffle appointment of Parliamentary Under-Secretary of Stateat Business Innovation and Skills we can look forwards to Jo carrying on the good offices of Lynne Featherstone who held the Equality Portfolio from 2010-12.
Jo with a foot in Business and Equality can perhaps ensure that an Conservative Beecroft proposals to reduce employment protections to British workers will not expose vulnerable employees from the threat of sacking driven by discrimination from rogue employers - such as Construction Companies not employing asians (I once worked in such a company and was told not to employ an asian member of staff - I of course protested and reminded my company chairman of the illegality of the remark) or older workers facing age discrimination or women of child bearing age facing sex discrimination.
As Vince Cable rightly pointed out - the economic case - frightened workers don't spend money.

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