Friday, 7 September 2012

Turning the Corner

Finally the Party has turned the corner and things are on the up. Nick Clegg has reached his low point in popularity and the economy now starts to show green shoots of genuine recovery. Conservative desparation over the Recent economic mismanagement by George Osborne highlights how much better Lib Dem Business Secretary would do in the job. The Jubilee and Olympics have effected a change in the UK. Firstly by keeping people glued to their TV Sets and out of the high street - it has depressed economic growth for almost 6 months - but the latest July manufacturing figures point to an autumn of growth and the national spirit has seen an outpouring of patriotism and celebration of all things British including tolerance and a celebration of diversity and the achievements of paralympic athletes, which has changed attitudes towards issues of disability.

2012 will be seen as the year the Coalition started to get it's act together. The Lib Dem leadership has been savaged (rightfully) by party critics but it has a real mandate to champion human rights, British Business Interests (especially in Europe) and Enviromentalism in the face of Right wing Conservatives who seem to have taken control in the Conservative side of the Coalition. True Liberal Democrats need to stand up for what is right in Government while forging links with Business and Communities to promote Exports, Growth and Jobs.

Time for hard work , determined principles and unity - which may yet bring a rightful outcome in 2015.

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