Sunday, 8 July 2012

Finding a way forward

As this blog has advocated life for the Liberal Democrats and the UK as a whole under this coalition with the Conservatives since 2010 has been intensely challenging.
A light on the horizon has started to emerge. Liberal Democrats are getting more experienced in the art of government and in coalition politics since 2010. Opinion Polls have started to restore the party's electoral fortunes and the fight back is emerging. Back at 14% in the polls, the public is starting to recognise the distinct identity of the Junior Partners in the Coalition which the Dominant Partners - the Conservative Party is beginning to become riven by serious party splits and backbench rebellions. The Conservatives have already broken the spirit of the Coalition agreement by intriging against AV, and by pushing thatcherite NHS and Education reform. Now back bench rebellions look like forcing the Conservatives in breaking the letter of the coalition agreement by Eurosceptic pronouncements by Cameron and now a 110 strong Lords Reform rebellion. Lib Dems are threatening to block the Tory gerrymandering boundary review in retaliation.

Vince Cable is doing a brilliant job as Business Secretary his growth agenda looks a better winner than George Osborne's failed Austerity plan which has stalled after a disasterous year for the chancellor.

So long as Lib Dems can keep pressuring and splitting the tories, and advocating policies which are well respected in the country the party will strengthen.

If we can provoke an economic policy split between No.11 and No.10 Downing Street, as George Osborne gets increasingly needled by his poor performance against Ed Balls and his competency deficit against professional economist Vince Cable - a good result.

Labour is currently riding high in the polls, Lib Dems would much rather be in government with them rather than the Tories however it didn't happen in 2010 and now their fortunes are restored it would happen again as Labour doesn't care about Britain but only getting into and staying in power.

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