Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Tory Plan - Post Lords Reform

So at last the full duplicity of the Conservative Plan for 2012-15 is revealed. David Cameron entered into the Coalition knowing that he could never get his party to support his side of the Coalition Agreement (especially Constitutional Reform and Europe) but would use the Lib Dems as electoral human shields to push as many unpopular and harebrained Tory plans as possible. As Tory Columnist Andrew Lilco recently wrote
"If Cameron can engineer a split in the Lib Dems (as I think he probably can) or can induce the Lib Dems to leave for a year or so, granting us confidence and supply (which I think they probably will), all to the good and perhaps he can still survive as leader until 2015"

It is clear that Liberal Democrats have been duped into entering into a political coalition with a group of right wing liars who have put the National Interest at the bottom of their list of priorities, with ideology and party interest at the top.They are pushing forward with unwanted and unprecedented Welfare, NHS and Educational reforms for which we will take the blame and are planning political gerrymandering, a UKIP style exit from the heart of Europe, renounciaton of the Human Rights Act, and other unvarnished Neo-Thatcherite politics.

My response to Lilco and other Tory Decievers is this :

Got your game now, you Tory Dog,so much for the national interest ! . Lib Dems went into this coalition with our noses held on the basis of a quid pro quo and so far you lot have ratted all the way (PR, and now Lords Reform) Conservatives are unreliable partners in coalitions or elsewhere (remember family values )If you are trying to engineer a split in our party watch out, be such as shame to see David Cameron pulled from the world stage just as the Olympics come up, but it happened to Churchill at Potsdam. Lib Dems en mass (even the Tory lovers like Clegg and Laws) are ready to dump this coalition over it's broken promises we could cross the floor, leave your party as a dead duck government and only vote it down when the public clamour for us to do so. Go ahead punk make our day !
Double Dealers always get what they deserve. 

Time to leave this political marriage, lock the abusive partner out of the family home and call in the divorce lawyers. 

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