Thursday, 5 July 2012

Orange Book - We've been Tangoed & The Coming Split over Europe

How much longer has the Coalition go to run? - not the 3 calendar years to 2015 that's for sure. In the Liberal Democrats , right wing "orange bookers" like Nick Clegg and the exiled David Laws who are essentially free market thatcherite liberals maskerading as Liberal Democrats are preparing for another round of closer proximity to the Conservative Party in the run up and post 2015.
Stuff of pipe dreams however as events in Europe are now driving events in Britain. Anti-Europeans in the Conservative Party are watching the sad events in the Eurozone with a mixture of glee (at the troubles of the euro) and alarm (at the growing signs of greater european integration to fix things).
What is certain is that whatever happens in Europe in 2013, whether Europe comes together or splits apart, it will have a profound effect on Conservative Eurosceptics (now the mainstream) and Anti-Europeans (the Rest) who will attempt to move the Party to the right and become a UKIP (Mark II) .

Will the Orange Book brigade be able to stomach a UKIP Tory Party ? - (anything is possible with Messrs Clegg and Laws) but for the bulk of the Party surely a bridge too far?

Ten Clear Issues for the Lib Dems to leave the Coalition Now

  1. Yesterday's Terrible decision, despite a 600,000 strong public petition to scrap the Leeds Heart Unit
  2. The Stomach churning decisions and betrayals we have had to make so far - especially tuition fees
  3. The Lack of a Plan B Growth Strategy to allow repayment of the Budget Deficit
  4. Michael Gove (AKA Doctor Strangegove) and his attempt to bring back O levels and the 11+
  5. Eric (I ate a ****) Pickles - for everything he says and does
  6. The fact we are 9% in the polls and there will be no party in 2015
  7. The Tories cannot be trusted over Europe - they are looking to break the Coalition Agreement
  8. NHS Reforms - a crazy idea and not what we signed on for
  9. Betrayal over PR - we got conned over AV and the tories made sure we lost by millions of tax dodging tory donor pounds 
  10. The Creeping Orange Book "We've been tangoed" takeover of the party by right wing libertarian types
The Tory media has targeted high profile anti-coalition Lib Dems like Vince Cable and Chris Huhne whose every mishap has been amplified into a war crime.

Remedial Action Now
The Whole party ought to establish an independant anti-tory profile by crossing the floor of the house and sitting on the opposition benches and voting with their consciences. I would hope decent Lib Dems like Sarah Teather, Vince Cable would sit with them while remaining with the Government at the moment. This might break commons etiqette but it would be a powerful symbol to the country that Lib Dems will fight back for a Fairness and Prosperity.

We need to renegotiate the Coalition Agreement to ensure fairness and prosperity which means an end to tax breaks for the super rich and reduced or zero tuition fees for Students.

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