Friday, 20 July 2012

September Cabinet Reshuffle - Cable to replace Osborne who goes to Foreign Office?

As the summer recess starts David Cameron has started making plans for his Autumn pre-party conference reshuffle.
His major problem is to dispose of a number of highly unpopular ministers whilst keeping the political right of his party who have tasted the power of backbench rebellion in check. Word is he will be bringing back into government both disgraced Liam Fox and David Laws whilst moving unpopular George Osborne and Theresa May. Baroness Warsi and Jeremy Hunt will both leave the Cabinet table.

Job                     Incumbent      Telegraph Reader Vote to Go 
                                                                              Replaced By
Chancellor         George Osborne       25%              Vince Cable
Home Sec         Theresa May            20%               William Hague
Foreign Sec       William Hague          >1%               George Osborne
Defence Sec      Phillip Hammond      2%                  STAYS
Business Sec     Vince Cable             14%                 Danny Alexander
Work & Pens    IDS                          1%                 STAYS
Justice               Ken Clarke              NA                 Theresa May
Climate Change Ed Davey                 >1%               Caroline Spelman
Health Sec        Andrew Lansley        3%                 STAYS
Education          Michael Gove           5%                 STAYS
Local Gov         Eric Pickles              2%                 STAYS
Transport          Justine Greening        1%                 Damian Greene
Environment     Caroline Spelman       1%                David Willetts 
International D  Andrew Mitchell        >1%              STAYS
Northern Ire     Owen Paterson         >1 %              STAYS
Scotland           Michael Moore         >1%               STAYS
Wales               Cheryl Gillan              >1%              STAYS
Culture             Jeremy Hunt              10%               Justine Greening
Chief Sec Trs   Danny Alexander       1%                 David Laws
Without Port    Baroness Warsi         11%                Liam Fox

Just remember, you heard it here first. But wait Breaking news after the Sack Osborne campaign has taken off, with the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and Guardian taking up the cause spurred on by Lib Dems like Lord Oakeshott, David Cameron has been forced to tell Sky News that Osborne will be Chancellor when the Conservatives face the 2015 electorate - that makes his list of Lame Duck Ministers include - Hunt, Warsi, Osborne and May. What crime does a Tory Minister have to commit to get sacked ? - incompetence?, Consorting with the Murdochs?, Questionable overseas trips? - ah yes Cameron has done all these himself.

Meanwhile in the real world the economy faces it's biggest challenge ever - beating the 1930's depression into a cocked hat.

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