Thursday, 12 July 2012

Suddenly the future's bright

Time to celebrate, the Tory knives are out for David Cameron. At the same time Lib Dems are coming to our senses about this rotten coalition.
The Tory back bench revolt over Lords Reform has alarm bells ringing in Conservative Central Office. Two reasons - Conservatives have had enough with Coalition politics (Just like in 1922 - they had it with Lloyd George voted him out and gave birth to the 1922 Committee.) and Lib Dems have realised that all the Tory Promises were just that Promises. The breaking of the Coalition agreement gives the Causus Belli to end the Coalition and launch a war against everything Tory.
No read this action plan suggested on a Tory Blog Conservative Home.

"at Lib Dem instigation, with an early General Election" forget a general election. the new rules give the Lib Dems much more power. They would be wiped out in a GE. Far more likely is a coalition with Labour. Ming and Charles pop along to see their old mate Alistair Darling, Vince has a chat with Lasagne Ed and Simon along with Tim go to see Nick Clegg and tell him the party is changing sides.

numbers work. 314 in Labour/Lib Dem coalition, on confidence and supply Alex Salmond gets offer of super dev and second question, gets him off the independence referendum hook, another 6. Plaid offered few sweets along with SDLP another 5. Sinn Fein and speaker don't count so 644 seats you need 323. Actually George Galloway not likely to join Tories so possible max on Tory side is 314 with unionists.
enough for 3 years of Lib Dem/Labour administration. Lib Dems restore their left credentials.

I wrote:
Sounds good to me Bruce where do I sign up?

Take heart Lib Dems, if they wan't war, (which they really do - see the Plan to split and annihilate our party) they let us give them just that.

The first step is across the floor, the second is back into government with a trully progressive alliance.

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