Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Keeping our powder dry

Now I'm not a fan of this Tory led Coalition which has locked good natured kindly Lib Dems in a faustian pact with the original and unreformed nasty party. I have called on the party to head for the exit now, as the tories have ratted on their coalition pledges and are foisting more stealth tory rubbish on the country. Yet as the summer arrives and the games commence, it can be seen that the Tories have finally started to pay a political price for their coalition perfidy and schoolboy economics. Opinion Polls are finally showing a gradual rise for the party and the Tories are once again a seriously split party with Cameron facing a party with disafected donors and dwindling activists. Muscular Liberalism - once a smokescreen generated by Lib Dem Orange Bookers has taken a life of it's own and landed some damaging blows to Tory Unity.
The Nuclear Option of breaking with the Tories is now seriously being entertained and power within the coalition is returning to the Junior Partners who hold the balance of power. Now is the time for a determined push for a positive programme on the main issue - the economy which will strengthen the party in comparison to the discredited Plan A of George Osborne and the populist yet untrusted siren calls for Plan B from Labour's Ed Balls.

A Tory Triple Dip Recession requires an old fashioned Keynesian fiscal stimulus combined with cross European talks for similar action. Higher Taxes for Bankers, Billionaires and Tax Dodgers combined with Tax Cuts for Small Business, Student Loans Write Off  and Lowering Petrol Tax to European Levels will improve economic wellbeing.

As the Party Conference Season Starts there will be a revolt by Lib Dem Activists wanting out of the Coalition now , or policy changes , and on the Conservative side a more serious revolt against the Coalition.

Voters too looking at the economy will start to remember Labour's Past Record on the Debt Bomb and find the Milliband-Balls**t  too unbelieveable.

The People will want a Plan C  led by a Credible Treasury Team of Cable, Webb, Alexander, Lamb, Laws etc which will offer Growth and Fairness whilst paying down the deficit, which will require a much more aggressive routing out of waste - including in NHS and Welfare waste (without descending into a Tory Stealth agenda) - I would start by relocating Government HQ's and all Government funding organisation HQ's out of London and into the Rest of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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